Monday, July 4, 2011


July 2, 2011---Anxious moments at at the home of Allen & Carol in Youngsville, LA. Heavy rain nearly ruined the holiday weekend! Rained 4 inches in 35 minutes. The drainage system is not adequate to handle the water. Ditches all fill up and a lake is created in the neighborhood.

Picture on the right is looking toward the drainage ditch across the road. Neither the ditch or road can be seen looking west along the south wall of the McGee home.

Allen and Carol's daughter is observing the situation wih lots of concern. Smiling is not easy.

Waded down the street and took a picture looking back toward the house located across the street from where we live.

Picture of our home in the background.

Look at the debris line on the flower pot and foundation to see how close the water level came to getting on top the slab.


Anonymous said...

update? it's been two months.

Carol (formerly from "Miss Nauti" and now on "The 69 Queen")

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol. Haven't been boating this summer due to spring floods & commitments on land. Things should pick up in October. Thanks for popping in! What's going on in YOUR world?
-Maryann of the 4 McGees-

Anonymous said...

Hi Maryann, say "Hello" to Keith, Allen and Carol for us. We are permanently at Midway on the Tenn Tom in a 1969 River Queen houseboat. We sold "Miss Nauti", she stayed up by Pittsburgh. Midway offered us free dockage in exchange for Kenny working here one day a week. Which way will you be heading with the boat in October?