Thursday, October 13, 2011


Oct. 13, 2011---It may look cloudy, but it was a bright day for us! Maryann left yesterday to attend a conference in Nashville. Keith & I moved the boat to the fuel dock and pumped out the holding tank. Said our goodbyes to the folks on the dock and maneuvered the Dream Manor out of the Green Turtle Bay Marina. It was great to hear those diesel engines puurrrrrrr. Traveled a short mile up the Cumberland River and crossed over to the Tennessee River. The canal joining the two rivers is 1.5 miles long. There was about a .5 mph reduction in speed indicating the water was flowing from the Tennessee into the Cumberland. It was a treat just to be traveling in the boat as it had been a year since we parked her last October. This felt like a maiden voyage and being in no hurry, speed was held at 8 mph. Wind stirred the water into waves, but with wind behind us the ride was smooth. It was a pleasant (3 hour) 20 mile ride to Kenlake Marina. After getting acquainted with dock personnel they called for a park employee to haul us to the nearby restaurant for a late lunch. Plan to move on to Paris Landing Marina tomorrow.

Entrance to Kenlake Marina is well protected by a rock wall.

Dream Manor sure seemed a lot happier with today's attention.

Marina was quite peaceful.

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