Monday, October 31, 2011


Oct. 31, 2011---Halloween! Sure enough the spooks grabbed the anchor. It was stuck in some downed trees or something. Whatever the problem that "blankety-blank" anchor refused to come loose so we had to cut the line and let it go.

As the fog lifted we noticed the Thomas B had raised anchor and left the embayment. We caught up with this beautiful boat at the Heflin Lock. Another 30' down and we continued toward Demopolis.

Along a stretch of the TomBigBee Waterway there are some unusual white cliffs.

Nice shot of the white cliffs reflecting on the water.

Gremlins at it again! About 25 miles before reaching Demopolis the port engine quit running. Continued on the starboard engine. Traveled 54 miles today in 5.4 hours. Columbus Marina looked rather inviting after a tough Halloween day.

Somebody in a kayak watched as we managed to get tied up to the fuel dock. Took on 382 gallons of diesel fuel. Managed to get moved over to a slip with electric power. Changed out the primary and secondary fuel filters on the port engine. Still unable to get fuel to the engine. Blew through the lines with compressed air and still could not get fuel to the engine. Will study more on this problem tomorrow. Enough spooks today.

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