Monday, October 10, 2011


Oct. 10, 2011---Dream Manor sits patiently waiting in Green Turtle Bay Marina. If she could speak it would be to ask, why am I still tied up here? Maryann has a convention to attend in Nashville starting Thursday. During her absence Keith & I are going to start traveling up the Tennesse River. It may be an experience as it has been nearly a year since we operated the boat!

Here are a few pictures to show how low the water is now compared to April. Remember the ramp on the left was
downhill to the parking area. The floating dock was wedged up against the bottom of the Yacht Club restaurant.

Water had flooded the ship store on the right and got into the Boat Works office in the background.

Boat Works shop was flooded several feet deep.

The travel lift was under water during the flood and all the boats on stands in the yard floated and had to be tied to the docks.

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