Saturday, October 29, 2011


Oct. 29, 2011---Fog quite dense in the early morning did not lift until 9:00 a.m. Boat tied in front of us was one of the four that traveled together today.

Could not see very far past the stern of Dream Manor.

Boat in the lead set the travel pace as we departed the dock at 9:10 a.m. taking last position.

Gate was open and we all got into Fulton lock with no wait.
Exiting Fulton Lock just 3 miles down from Midway Marina. Notice all the fog is gone now.

Remember "BB" our boat boxer! He woke up today and provided some entertainment.

Look at the tree with the least bark. A bald eagle is in the middle of this picture sitting just at the top of the open area of that tree.

Gates were open on Wilkins lock so it did not take long to get in and out.

BB looked unhappy as we waited a short time for a tow to be lifted at Amory lock.

As the tow passed BB knew it was our turn for the lock.

Last lock of the day was Aberdeen Lock at mile 357.5

Each of the four locks today let us down 30' for at total of 120' today. Continued to Columbus Marina at mile 335. Total distance today was 59 miles in 7.6 hours.

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