Thursday, October 27, 2011


Oct. 27, 2011---Put Aqua Yacht Harbor behind as we started our journey down theTomBigBee Waterway.

Fall colors dressed the shoreline.

Passed two boats along the way.

Passed a third boat enroute to Whitten Lock. A different boat later passed us above the lock. The two of us waited at the lock while the chamber was being filled. Doors opened and we entered the lock on the green light. Secure to the bollard the lock master held the gate open nearly an hour until the first three boats arrived and made secure in the lock. In the lock the water was lowered 84' to downstream level.

It was Keith's turn to put the Dream Manor in position so Allen could catch the floating bollard.
Montgomery Lock lowered us 30'. The group of five boats traveled together. Rankin lock lowered us another 30'. Total drop for the day was 144' in three locks. Took 6.3 hours to cover 54.7 miles to Midway Marina. This was our first time into this particular marina. It was a special stop to visit with Ken and Carol Dean. We originally met them on the Tennessee River in 2009 at Paris Landing. In 2010 we caught up with them on Beaver Creek about 35 miles below Pittsburgh on the Ohio River. They are originally from Pittsburgh but now live on their River Queen boat at Midway Marina outside Fulton, Mississippi. Quite a change in location. Preparing for Halloween they had a cute pumpkin and some lights to dress their boat.

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