Monday, October 31, 2011


Oct. 30, 2011---Dream Manor seemed quite content at Columbus Marina. Had fog until 9:00 a.m. as it has lifted about the same time each morning. A group of five boats traveled together through the Stennis Lock located just below the marina. Still going down hill as this lock lowered 27'. Next lock is Bevill located 28 miles down river from Stennis. Just before this lock two of the boats separated from the group and went into Pirates Cove Marina.

Lots of big black crows perched on the electric power towers.

Had to pass behind this tug that was holding some barges in position. Lots of turbulance created by his props.

Two boats behind us coming out of Bevill Lock after being lowered 30'.

Traveled 65 miles today in 7.6 hours.

At mile 270 turned starboard into a secluded area called Sumter Landing. Went past the boat launch to the back of the embayment. Dropped anchor and made sure it would hold. Unfortunately it may be holding too well. Settled in for the night. One of the boats that we traveled with today anchored in the same area but closer to the entrance that can be seen in the distance.

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