Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Oct 26, 2011---Last night we had a good visit with Dick and Dixie from Lake Arthur, Louisiana. We originally met them at Green Turtle Bay. They left Clifton Marina ahead of Brother & I.

It was not long before passing them as they were traveling upriver at 6 mph and we were running 11 mph.
They travel slow and steady in the modified sail boat.

Passed a coal barge.

Did not seem to be much traffic, however 2 miles from Pickwick Landing Lock, TOSMO and Dream Manor caught up with some kind of Govt Barge with a load of equipment. They have priority and we ended up waiting 2 1/2 hours before it was our turn. By then 2 other pleasure craft had joined us.

Notice the difference in how much lock wall is exposed before getting lifted 55' from Kentucky Lake to Lake Pickwick. Keith did a fine job of keeping Dream Manor secure during the lift.

Kentucky Lake is 186 miles long and certainly a nice part of the Tennesse River. Today's travel was 60 miles from Clifton Tennessee to Aqua Yacht Harbor marina located near Iuka, Mississippi. It took 8 hours due to waiting time at the lock. We are now in the headwater of TomBigBee waterway in the very northeastern part of Mississippi only about 3 miles from Tennessee and Alabama. After traveling and visiting friends, Maryann joined us this evening. We drove to Iuka for dinner. Plan is to leave the van at Aqua Marina as we make way to Demopolis, Alabama. Will then get a vehicle and drive back to here to get Keith and Maryann's van.


Anonymous said...

Are you stopping at Midway? Kenny and I would love to see you folks!

formerly from "Miss Nauti"
now aboard "The 69 Queen"

RoN Friend said...

Looks like you had a great fun time. I am sure sorry I did not go with you guys, I won't make that mistake again if I get the opportunity. I am currently in Midland, Texas. I left Abilene this morning in a light drizzle. Went 160 miles in 43 degree weather and decided that I should stop. Why put up with the rain and cold. I have until Sunday to get to Tucson. Have to meet someone on Monday. So here I sit reading my mail and looking at your trip.