Sunday, October 23, 2011


Oct 18-23, 2011---Maryann decided to spend another day on the boat and did not depart until the 19th. She drove to Mississippi to visit friends. Left brother and I on our own! Without supervision we have eaten plenty of cinnamon rolls. It may become necessary to leave Pebble Isle Marina in an effot to preserve the waist line! HaHa

On Friday the 22nd water was so calm reflections were neat to see.

Attempted to move the boat on Friday to a different positon on the dock. Discovered the port engine would not start. Found the battery to be completely dead. It would not take a charge on the shop charger. While checking batteries we also found the alternator on the starboard engine is not putting out the correct amperage. Had planned to leave Saturday but repairs on the alternator will not occur until Monday. Installed a new battery on the port side and started the engine okay. Departure will take place when things are put back into proper working order.

Picture on the right looking toward the fuel dock shows early morning fog.

Canadian couple on the trawler left Sunday Morning.


RoN Friend said...

Good to see you are having fun. I can tell you the cinnamon rolls are the DEVILS work!!!

I am closing up the houseboat here @ Manhattan Harbor and heading back to Tucson for the winter on the motorcycle tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Stop and visit with us on your way!