Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Nov. 1, 2011---Used shop vac to pull diesel through the fuel line from the tank on the port engine. Connected the fuel line and primed the engine. Engine ran a short time and quit again. Found fuel leaking from a seal on the sediment bowl which means it was likely allowing air into the fuel line. Reinstalled the sediment bowel and stopped the leak. Engine runs okay now. Made a trip to Walmart for a few supplies. Captain Tom from "The Thomas B" went with us. Enjoyed visiting with him. Moved our boat from the old marina behind the fuel dock to the new part of the marina.

Looking at the entrance to the new part of the marina. New wash room and showers are nicely done. Slips are laid out well and various sizes are available up to 70'. This is a wonderful improvement for Demopolis. Fred (Marina Manager) has done a great job in getting this project useable and should be very proud. Some additional work is ongoing.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations for repairing the fuel problem! Lot's of satisfaction comes from making your own repairs. Maybe now you won't need to buy as much diesel! I am enjoying your adventures.