Friday, May 7, 2010


May 7, 2010---Time to travel! As usual we got an early start. It's okay to laugh about the early part. We departed our winter home at Columbus, MS promptly at 9:40 a.m. Local staff was preparing for a weekend influx of bass fishermen coming in for a tournament. They are expecting about 170 boats. Went up the Tombigbee Waterway 41.3 miles against a 3 to 4 mph current. The water had been rather free of debis until 2 miles from the Aberdeen Lock. Apparently when the downstream gate was opened there was a lot of trapped debris that washed out. When the upstream gate was opened after a 30' lift tree branches covered the width of the lock. We floated over much of the material. At one point when the engines were in gear there was enough debris caught the starboard prop that it killed the engine. Anxious moments until all the debris came out from under the boat. Again the water was fairly free of floating prop catchers. About 3 miles south of the town of Amory, MS is where Chiwapa Creek and Town Creek together flow into the Tombigbee system. It was interesting to note that particular drainage was carrying the mud and debis. Just past the intersecting waters clarity of the water was greatly improved. The Amory lock was uneventful as we lifted another 30'. BB enjoyed some time at the helm thinking how great it is to be on the move. Third lock of the day was the Wilkins. Another 30' lift for a total of 90' today. Cleared the lock and turned starboard to choose a spot to anchor near the tree line and out of view of Smithville Marina. Not hiding, just staying out of their navigational route.The lock master was very helpful in providing information about where to anchor. All secure at 3:40 p.m. Just a 6 hour run today. No other pleasure craft as we seemed to be alone on the waterway. At a couple of ports near Amory there were some loading operations. One of the facilities made all kinds of pulp wood and chips. The other one seemed to be loading sand. These were the only barges we saw today.

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