Monday, May 24, 2010


May 24, 2010---Big day at Pebble Isle Marina. The boat slips that moved out of position during the flood waters were pushed back in place.

A crane was used to hold the walkway in position while the slips pivot at that point.

Workmen lifted all the spuds (approx 28) to allow the boats and slips to move.

Workboats were used to move the entire structure back away from the office and fuel dock.

Marina personnel began to relax as the task was nearing completion.
They have been very anxious to get this job done to accommodate the boaters.

The marina seems much larger with these slips moved back. Spuds were dropped to secure the structure.

Look at the videos below to see the slips begin to move and then get farther away from the fuel dock. View the bottom one first.

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