Wednesday, May 5, 2010


May 5, 2010---What day is it now?? Written by the old confused one! This should be the 5th. Will consult the calender for confirmation. Ha Ha

Changed the coolant in both 315 HP Yanmar Diesel engines. One place in the operations manual it says change out the antifreeze each year. Another place in the manual it says change out the fluid every two years when using extended life coolant. Will likely go two years before the next change.

Lawless Duhon works for Quail Tools in New Iberia, LA. Having spent some time on the Dream Manor last summer he was made aware that a nice cover to shade the face of the chart plotter on the flybridge would be a fine improvement over the cardboard we were using. He is a talented welder and built a great cover out of stainless steel. Keith painted it a grey color that matches the chart plotter very nicely. Many thanks to Lawless for the perfect fit. It is great to have creative friends!

Spring maintenance is about finished. Sun shining brightly reminded us to open up the bimini cover over the flybridge.
For a treat today we started the engines and untied the Dream Manor from the slip where it spent the winter. We took a short trip up the TomBigbee. Everything performed beautifully! A feeling of satisfaction and excitement is hard to beat! Even managed to maneuver the friendly boat back into the slip without incident. Probably a good thing there was no wind though!

There is still a lot of debris floating down the TomBigBee Waterway. Will probably wait another day or two before starting on a journey.

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