Tuesday, May 25, 2010


May 25, 2010---Maneuvered over to the fuel dock at Pebble Isle and took on 182 gallons of diesel. Pumped out the holding tank and made final preparations to depart. It was a wonderful week and we are going to miss those famous "Cinamonn Rolls". Thanks to all the staff for great hospitality.

Look out the window and see where we are now!

Having traveled down the Tennessee River for just 30 miles the "Dream Manor" is tied up at Paris Island State Park Marina.

New friend Sam Taylor and his faithful companion "River" are coming up the ramp in front of the marina office.

Sam made arrangements for a park ranger to pick all of us up and transport us about a mile to the State Park restaurant.

Tuesdays are Crazy Chicken night. The buffet was great with chicken prepared in various ways. Dessert was quite good also!

Futzhugh bridge can be seen from the marina where State highway 79 crosses the Tennessee River.

We sure enjoyed Sam's company at dinner. He is well known as the "River Rat" which is the name of his one-of-a-kind pontoon boat. With a canvas cover over part of the boat he has created living quarters. He has been at home on this boat with his faithful companion "River" for a few years. With heavy heart he is selling this boat and graduating to a larger boat.

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