Sunday, May 30, 2010


May 29-30, 2010---looking down the walkway to and from the fuel dock at Kentucky Dam Marina all of the rental boats and PWC are in use. What a busy area! Great opportunity for people watching.

Busy time for the Coast Gaurd and Water Patrol. They were making sure the boaters operated in a safe manner.

A few boats had to be towed in due to engine problems.

Just at dark a few boats passed by showing off there decorations. The sailboat had a banner advertising the Grand Rivers Chamber of Commerce while displaying "Uncle Sam".

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Anonymous said...

Hi River Rats, well, I really enjoyed this site. No, Barry is not working yet. He hurt his back and we have been going back and forth to St. Louis to the Dr's - We are changing to a specialist in Memphis - first appmt. is June 8th
I am hopeing for better care and quicker end to the problem. So is Barry. You are not that far from us if you are still around Kentucky lake. I love it over there. We are in Poplar Bluff now and will probably be here for at least another year. We spent last year at Lake Wappapello, MO. I really enjoyed that. Well must go for now.

Good to hear from you and see pictures of all of you. You look very happy on your adventure.

Marylee Keathley