Wednesday, May 12, 2010


May 12, 2010---A better looking day. Took the boat across the bay about 2 miles to Lee Spry Marina. He has a 100 ton marine travelift that easily picked the Dream Manor out of the water. Purpose of this lift was to change out the props. We have not been satisfied with the performance of the 20 x 26 Nibral props. Had Toupes Propeller Service in Abbeville, LA recondition the spare bronze props during the winter. Opened blades to 20 x 27 w/cups. Had to apply heat to the nibral props to remove them from the shafts. Installed the reconditioned props.

Looked over the bottom of the boat. It is quite clean and bottom paint is still in good condition. Expecting to travel in salt water this fall this was also a good time to install zinc anodes on the shafts and rudders.

After setting the boat back in the water Lee tightened the packing on the starboard shaft.

Returned to Aqua. The boat responds much better and we are looking forward to really testing performance when we cruise the Tennessee River.

Thanks go to Lee Spry. He is very knowledgeable and does great work.

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