Monday, May 10, 2010


May 9, 2010---MOTHER'S Day. Keith did the right thing and cooked a fine breakfast to give Maryann a small break.

Dream Manor was happy to have spent the night at Bay Springs Marina so co-captains could get a good nights rest.

Keith looking over the marina.

A plesant day of travel. Maryann and Keith were doing computer projects as we traveled along. Made 36.7 miles from Bay Springs to the Aqua Yacht Harbor in 4.2 hours. Less time than we spent waiting yesterday. While the engines were warm we changed the oil in both main engines and generator.
There was some discussion about Allen cooking dinner for Mother's Day. Lucked out and used a courtesy van to drive into Iuka, MS. Just a short 13 mile drive. Had a very good meal at the El Picante.


Anonymous said...

That top photo is PRICELESS!!

Anonymous said...

Sexy apron, Keith !!! And, such a nice husband to cook breakfast for Maryann for Mother's Day.