Wednesday, May 26, 2010


May 26, 2010---Left Paris Island Park and traveled 43 miles to
Kentucky Dam Marina in 5.2 hours. Yes we are in KY near Gilbertsville. The marina is located on the LDB (left decending bank) of Tennessee River off mile marker 23.

After checking in at the fuel dock we went to the marina office to get keys for the courtesy van.

Drove over the Tennesse River and got a view of Kentucky dam and lock. Went to Green Turtle Bay Marina to purchase an Ohio River chart.
Folks at that marina probably wondered what the van with Kentucky Dam Marina labels was doing there.

Looking at the lock. Coal barges are being pushed into the chamber to lock up into Kentucky Lake. We will be coming down through this lock in a couple of days when we get ready to start up the Ohio River.

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