Sunday, May 23, 2010


May 23, 2010---Put registration numbers on the dinghy.
I am sure the river authorities will be proud of us. Saw a Wildelife Resources boat checking the area just before dark.

Nice warm day for a ride. Left the marina and crossed the Tennessee River to explore the shore line for a couple of miles.

The davit really works great to lift the dinghy for hauling on the Dream Manor.

About a mile down river from the
Johnsonville Power plant is a row of concrete structures. They are off the main channel creating a barrier to keep barges from entering shallow water. Also used as a collection area in case of run away barges. Looking inside the concrete barriers made an interesting picture.

Johnsonville Fossil Plant burns coal to create the steam which drives turbines to spin the generators. The plant generates about 550 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year, enough to supply 400,000 homes.

At day marker 95.6 a large Osprey nest can be seen on top of the structure. The bird is looking out from inside the nest. Getting too close caused her to fly around guarding the area. Quickly returning to the nest, very likely sitting on some eggs.

For information the 95.6 on the day marker means it is located 95.6 miles from the mouth of the Ohio River.
Keith looks happy to be out on the water.

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