Thursday, August 8, 2013


Aug. 8, 2013---Installed new ice maker on fly bridge. Essential for the captains to have ice for their ice tea! Now ready to go! Departed Aqua Yacht Harbor at 9:15. Finished last three miles of upper Tombigbee Waterway. Continued on Tennessee River. Crossed intersection of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Made 12 miles to Pickwick Landing Lock at mile 206.7. Called lock on VHF and learned a large tow was being prepared to come up in the lock. Waited 2 hours. Tug came out of short chamber and moved to get 15 barge tow from long chamber. Tied Dream Manor to wall just outside gate of short chamber. Additional 30 minute wait. Once the tow backed out, lockmaster opened gate for us to enter chamber. Lowered about 55 feet and went down river another 48 miles to Clifton Marina. Total distance today 60 miles in 9 hours.

Tow backing out of 1200 foot chamber. We are
waiting at entrance to 600 foot chamber.

Variety of things in the tow included ground up metal.

Clear of lock and preparing to turn around and resume
travel up Tennesee River.

Interesting site along the bank. Somebody has stacked
shipping containers for a home!

At Clifton Marina Keith and Allen helped get
floating tree branches towed out of the Marina
and released into the river. Will have to watch tomorrow
as we may catch up with the floating debris. River current is
about 2 mph.
where they were released

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