Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Aug. 6, 2013---Cloudy all day with a hard rain early afternoon. Just one of those days when it feels good to stay inside and take an occasional nap. Some of the crew members are into napping! Made a short drive to Counce, TN for a Post Office and a little shopping at Dollar General. Stopped by L & L Boat Repair to check on the dinghy. Found work was in progress. May get the Honda started today. Shows how important it is to run the carburetor dry before leaving the boat for extended periods of time. Sometimes the lessons (or reminders) cost time and money.

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Don said...

I don't think you've told us where you're headed this year?

If it's back up the Tennessee, I hope you stay through the fall foliage. Every year I think you call it quits just a couple weeks too early. Given how wet it's been, it should be a beautiful year for the trees.