Thursday, August 22, 2013


 Aug. 22, 2013---Checked out of motel. Spent some time shopping at Best Buy. Had a healthy lunch at McAllisters. Picked up a few needed groceries at Walmart. Not far from the boat Maryann and Carol went to a couple of museums and looked at local antique stores. Keith and Allen unloaded supplies and carried them onto the boat. Very glad water level had receded enough it was not necessary to wade to get to the ramp. Water went down since daylight when we first checked on the boat.  House batteries completely drained. Refrigerator thawed everything in freezer section. Generator tech arrived at 2:15 p.m. and proceeded to troubleshoot the problem. Dismantled front section of sound proofing case to access the relay. Replaced that part and generator started just fine. Reassembled and put generator in service. While batteries charged and air conditioners cooled the cabin we walked to JB's Bar and Grill to enjoy their A/C. Had a nice dinner and returned to the comfortable boat.
Compare to yesterday's picture to see rocks are covered
and it is necessary to wade to get on the ramp.
Carol & Allen
Maryann & Keith

We are all smiling because the generator is running.

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