Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Aug. 20, 2013---What a day! Found out Kentucky Dam Lock is out of service for repairs until late September. Departed Kentucky Dam Marina at 6:30 a.m. Who knew we even got up that early! Had visions of making lots of miles. Went back up the Tennessee River about two miles and crossed over to the Cumberland River at mile 32.5 on the Cumberland. Approached Barkley lock. A tug was waiting outside the gate and two tows were tied up at mooring cells waiting a turn. To pass some time we went into Green Turtle Bay Marina and visited with management who we had gotten well acquainted with two years ago. Lockmaster said we need to come get in line for a spot to lock down. Indicated it would be a 45 minute wait. About 1 1/2 hours later finally got in the lock. It was very slow lowering us 57 feet. Maneuvered around a tow positioning to get in the gate. Lock is at mile 30.6. That is the distance we traveled down the Cumberland to mile zero where it enters the Ohio at mile 923. Traveled down Ohio River 11.5 miles to Paducah at mile 934.5. Ohio River miles start at zero in Pittsburgh and count higher to confluence of Mississippi River. Tied up at the wharf which is a stationary barge near the boat launch below the wall painted with history of the area. Painted scenes are on city side of the wall. Total distance traveled today was 50 miles in 10 hours. Lots of tow boats working in the area keeps us rocking steadily.
Great Blue Heron watching colorful ripples. 

Departing Kentucky Dam Marina

Green Turtle Bay Marina in background. Tow waiting.
Barkley Dam on far right.

Fuel dock at Green Turtle Bay Marina.

Trucks hauling rock. Dump it on conveyor which loads the barge.

Tow anxious to enter Barkley Lock as we left the lock.

Dozer working on huge pile of crushed rock.

Large rock operation on Cumberland River about
7 miles above Ohio River.

Following tow to Ohio River just past the mooring cells.

Painted sea wall at Paducah

Dream Manor on wharf at Paducah, KY on Ohio River

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