Saturday, August 31, 2013


Aug.31, 2013---For those who are following the travels of 4mcgees, here is the latest plan. Had great visions of going north to St. Paul, MN or somewhere on the upper Mississippi River. With all the delay and headaches from generator problems we are returning to Demopolis, AL. It is getting late in the boating season and there are land things to be done. Also starting to cool off in Minnesota. Will tackle the upper Mississippi another year. Today covered 62 miles in 8 hours up the Tennessee River to Clifton Marina. Many boats on the river kept us busy watching people play. All types of watercraft going in all directions. Looked as though everyone must have gotten their boats started for the Holiday weekend!
Homes on bluff for river view.

Common sight all day.
Boats gathered together on sandy beaches. 

Saw lots of things being towed today.

Personal Watercraft were plentiful.

Boats near huge pile of sand recovered from
main channel by dredging.

Playing and sunning. This will be a day of sunburns.

Cliff dweller!


Patty said...

Yes, we got burnt too but what a wonderful day for playing in/on the water. We're in Waterloo, AL straight up the river from you and just a little past Savannah on Pickwick Lake. Our house is perched on a cliff too but luckily we can walk to the beach and jump aboard our pontoon. We are directly across from Bear Creek if you ever make it this far. There is a great little restaurant on the water called GIlligan's (It's in Bear Creek, Iuka Miss.) and we like to have lunch there often. Perhaps we'll meet you there one day! Happy Sailing! Donnie and Patty Majors (from Carquest in Savannah although we're Napa now)

Don said...

Really disappointed to see you folks turn around. I was looking forward to seeing the Dream Manor pass by Saint Louis.

Maybe next year?