Sunday, August 11, 2013


Aug. 10, 2013---Learned there is so much debris coming down the Mississippi River it is not yet time to go up that way. Most of the floating trees and other materials are coming from the Missouri River where the confluence with the Mississippi is at Saint Charles, Missouri. There has been a lot of rain in Missouri. Will stay at Pebble Isle Marina for a few days. Sound quit working on Allen's IPhone. Keith and Allen made a road trip to Nashville and went to the Apple store. Had to wait for a couple of hours to get a new speaker installed in the phone. Works fine now. Incredible how many people were in that store. Counted about 70 waiting on service and shopping.  


Don said...

greetings from St Louis. All the severe rain in MO is south of St Louis and and the Missouri river. The epicenter of the rain is in deep south central MO and I'm not sure where that drains into the Mississippi except to say it's probably below the confluence with Ohio.

The river at St Louis is well below flood.

McGees Adventures said...

Thanks for the info.