Monday, August 5, 2013


Aug. 2 thru 5, 2013---Continue with task of cleaning. There is always something that needs attention. Sprayed white flex-seal on exercise bike that Maryann uses almost daily. It was beginning to rust. Hoping the flex-seal will solve that problem. Besides it blends better now that it is mostly white instead of black. Have three boat hooks that leave blue marks on the deck from sun scorched handles. Sprayed them also.
Prepared a base for the new ice maker that should arrive in a couple of days. Built base with treated wood. Purpose is to make it easier to slide the ice maker into place where it fits on the fly bridge. Still waiting on the dinghy. Honda mechanic assures us he will get it serviced tomorrow. Drove into Corinth, MS today for Maryann and Carol to do laundry. Keith and Allen stayed busy drinking ice tea at McDonald's.

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