Monday, August 5, 2013


Aug. 1, 2013---Busy day working on Dream Manor. Mechanic "Terry Jones" set valve clearance on the 315 hp Yanmar diesel engines for 1000 hour service. Installed new seawater pump on the starboard engine. Both engines now have new pumps. Used tach to set idle on both engines to 750 rpm.
Keith and Allen installed new starting batteries for those two engines. The 800 cold cranking amps will provide better starting compared to 650 amps. Battery on starboard engine had failed anyway. Changed oil and filters on both engines. Installed a new solenoid that controls the davit's four functions. Raising and lowering line and raising and lowering the boom. Works great now.
Carol is checking her camera.

BB says it is about time he got in a picture. Proudly watching
over Dream Manor.

Will put dinghy back on top as a final step before leaving
the transient dock at Aqua Yacht Harbor.

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