Friday, October 31, 2008


10/31/08---“Halloween”---The concern about spooks & witches did not discourage us from making some more miles up the Tennessee River. Fueled up and did a pump out before we left. Of course we had to eat the finest cinnamon rolls available anywhere. It is the marina’s tradition to prepare those delicious rolls each morning for the boaters. Don’t miss out! Left Pebble Isle at 9:45 at mile 96 and traveled along enjoying the sunshine. We passed the sailboat that had been tied up by us overnight. It was easy traveling today. We slowed down several times to avoid upsetting the fishermen in their small boats. There were several tows moving their various loads up and down the river. Saw several large homes perched on the cliffs overlooking the river.
Arrival at the Clifton Marina was at 4:30 p.m. It is a small marina just off the main channel. It took a little doing to get positioned behind the fuel dock next to the store but the challenge was worth it. The folks were great and helped us get parked. The stern stuck out past the end of the slip. Several local boaters were curious and came aboard to see our boat. Of course we are always delighted to show the Dream Manor. Brother was especially excited because they have good internet service here and his phone works well.
Another treat was the excellent meal we had at a new place called Meo Mia’s Cajun Spirits. Co-owner Kathy came to the marina and picked us up. It is about 6 miles to the restaurant located just across the river from Clifton in Decatur County. She & husband, David, are developing the business as a destination restaurant. Presently open Thursday thru Sunday. Since it is Halloween the entire staff was well dressed for the occasion. After a good visit Kathy returned us to our boat. I am sure the evening was to be active later as they were going to have a band playing. The trick was we older folks with limited stamina needed to be near our sleeping quarters. Be sure to have the marina help you to contact Kathy when you need a good place to go.

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Your Halloween was a little tamer than mine.