Thursday, October 16, 2008


10/15/08---After living six months in the St. Charles, MO area it is time to head south. Some of the birds already left ahead of us! What a fine morning. Our neighbor Pete got up to see us off. As we backed out our slip looked lonesome. We departed the Woodland Marina at 8:00 am. The horn sounded loud when Keith pushed the button. It seemed important to announce that we were leaving. We made it to the Melvin Price Lock and Dam at 9:45 am. As we had called ahead, there happened to be no traffic and they had the gate open. One of our guests (Skip) looked good in a life jacket. As we exited downstream it was 10:00. Continuing down the mighty Mississippi the air began to feel cool and a jacket felt good on the fly bridge. It was exciting to see the Arch in St. Louis. Scott Bachman called to let us know he would be on the river bank watching for us. He does repair work on the elevators at the Budweiser plant. We watched closely downstream from the plant and with cell phone contact we spotted him and everyone waved goodbye. He was much too far away for a picture. The dark clouds began covering the sky. We had planned to make a short day and stay at Hoppies Marine just above the 158 mile marker . That was a good thing for it started raining steadily before we got there. The river is swift so we went just past the barges that make up Hoppies tie down facility & turned upstream to point the bow into the current. We tied up at 3:00 pm. The 74 mile trip was okay except the generator went down and would not stay running. Shore power was a blessing. There is a lot of motion from tugs going up & down the river. After the rain stopped, just about dark, everything outside was checked. As a result of the rocking up & down one of the fenders had worked loose and floated away. Calls were made to get service people lined up to check the generator. After a few card games a night’s sleep was great.

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How did you do on fuel st. charles to green turtle bay. (Oar Knot) Alton. ( I will make this trip in a bout a week..............Rich