Tuesday, October 14, 2008


10/12-14/08---It has been another busy time as final preparations are made. Little John's Marine Service created gates in the rails at the stern. This provides a much needed access to the boat from the walkway. It has been a challange for short legged persons to climb over to access the engine compartment. John also spot welded the vertical supports on the bimini top. That will make it more difficult for a strong wind to cause a problem. The strainers for the engines and the three air conditioner units have been cleaned. ATF fluid has been added to the hydraulic steering system, transmimsion gear gear boxes were checked. Goodbyes have been said to several of the folks in the area. Scott Bachman sure wishes we would stay. We have made many friends in the local marinas. There was some added excitement today (Tues) waiting for the arrival of the guests who are going to make the journey with us to Green Turtle Bay. Maryann's Dad (Gorvan), Brother (Skip) & Step-Mother (Dorothy) arrived mid day. A trip to town to wash clothes and get groceries tops off the needs. A few games of cribbage and off to bed. We hope to leave by about 8:00 a.m. or a little earlier. More adventures are about to begin!

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must be busy, because this is Thursday, October 16th. Miss you guys.