Saturday, October 25, 2008


10/24/08---With the boat nestled in a slip that has a full roof overhead there is no view of the southern sky for the receiver to find a satellite. This means there is "no TV". It makes one realize how much time is spent watching the screen. May not be missing too much as the politics had been looking like re-runs. The market crash nearly causes tears and is certainly no fun to watch! There is a selection of movies on DVD aboard the vessel. I have been well entertained and just getting lazy.

The picture that shows three of us on the boat was taken before Keith and Maryann left for Memphis. I expect they are having a good time. Notice there is a space for the 4th mcgee. Carol is home in Youngsville, LA preparing for Halloween. She loves to decorate as can be seen by the pictures of the blown up characters in the yard and the other things in front of the house. I sure miss her.

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