Monday, October 27, 2008


10/27/08---Burrrrr, the temperature dropped and the urge to move south is beginning to get strong. We drove to Paducah to get groceries. The plan is to leave Keith's vehicle in Grand Rivers and return to get it at a later date. That way Maryann will remain on the boat to serve as deck hand, galley chief, housekeeper etc! It is supposed to be quite windy tomorrow, therefore it may be Wednesday or later before we migrate. The Canadian geese that have been here for the past few days already left. Smart birds they are! We did take a little time in Paducah to look at the river front. The large mural really depicts the history of the town. There was another plus to the excursion as we saw the Delta Queen built in 1926. It is the last of the steam driven paddle boats on the big rivers. She is the only origianal steam powered ship in service. There are others used as pleasure boats that are diesel driven, but not steam. Unless there is a lot of support to keep the ship going, she is on her last run. There were quite a few people braving the cool, windy weather for a final look. This part of town is blessed with many fine old buildings. It is also the home of The National Quilt Museum.

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Not much warmer here. Low of 38 last night. Got the plants in just in time.