Monday, October 20, 2008


10/19/08---It seems like our schedule is very much the same each morning as we hoisted anchor and departed at 7:45 a.m. In just a few minutes we turned into the Cumberland River. We are now in the state of Kentucky. The fog had not all lifted and looked a bit eerie as we moved along slowly. This is a much narrower river with lots of turns. We chose to run at 8 MPH , 1750 RPM after the fog lifted. This provided a very pleasant ride with plenty of time to enjoy the clear sky and wonderful scenery. The trees are beginning to show the fall colors. The Barkley Lock looked awesome as we approached. The lock master on the radio said to continue ahead and he would have the gate open. The chamber looked huge as we slowly entered. When the gate closed behind we were lifted 57’. It was the highest, fastest and smoothest lift that we had experienced. When the gates in front opened, Lake Barkley was a wonderful site. In about a mile we turned into Green Turtle Bay. It was noon as the 31 mile trip had been like slow motion. It was nice to relax and really enjoy the ride. Our guests seemed excited. This marina is very large and accommodations looked great. We tied up for fuel and a pump out. A call to some friends who are on their boat visiting in St. Charles proved successful. They have a slip under lease here and allowed we could use it. Shore power and water are always a plus. Many thanks go out to Mike & Cathi Vessel for allowing us the use of their slip. Settled in, it was time to partake of the 2” pork chop at Patti’srestaurant in Grand Rivers, KY. A phone call and they sent a driver to pick us up at the marina. A short drive of 1 ½ miles put us at the restaurant. We had heard about the fine eating and sure enough those pork chops were good.

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nice to catch up with you on the blog. New England is whipping Denver. Miss you. Carol