Thursday, October 16, 2008


10/16/08---The two generator service people arrived about 9:30 am. After a discussion of the history on the unit they went through a series of checks looking for the problem. They discovered a cooling hose coming off the top of the engine was lying against a terminal. This terminal signals the panel if the engine gets hot. On the panel it can show up as LOC (loss of coolant). When that hose contacts the terminal for about two seconds it provides enough of a ground to kill the engine. What a fluke if this solves the problem! Tape was wrapped around the hose and then tie wraps were used to hold the hose away from the contact point. After the generator ran for an hour it seemed okay. We topped off the diesel tanks gleaning information from Hoppies himself. We thanked Hoppies for all his help and we started down river at noon. Getting a late start and learning there are not very many acceptable places to stay along the river, we planned to stop at the Kaskaskia River Lock & Dam. The sun shone brightly and the 41 mile trip was very pleasant. Having called the lock master before arriving, he directed us where to tie up. It was just 3:30 pm. There is a good long wall on the dam side of the lock out of the traffic. Skip walked about on the concrete, Gorvan rested while Dorothy excercised on the stationary bike. This is a good place about ½ mile off the Mississippi. The generator is still running and all is well.

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I bet you and Keith are glad that you picked such an easy life for your retirments, no stress and very little maintance with your boat (ha-ha). Looks like you are taking good care of Mom and Dad. Love, Jimmie Sue