Monday, October 20, 2008

ANCHORAGE (7 mile)

10/17/08---Another beautiful day as we pulled away from the Kaskaskia Lock and entered the Mississippi at 8:00 a.m. The current is about 5 to 6 MPH giving the Dream Manor about 15 MPH ground speed at 2900 RPM. The Yanmar engines seemed to hum with delight. There was a dredge cleaning the main channel. There was lots of sand spilling onto the shoreline. We talked to George Hill on the cell phone. He is traveling up river on his return back to St. Charles. Made arranges to meet on the radio as each of us are wanting to make several miles day and there would not be a good place to stop and visit. After several hours of cruising we spotted George in his 47’ Gibson w/ 110 HP Yanmars. Against the current he was only making about 5 MPH. We visited on the radio for a few minutes as we passed at mile 55 just above Cape Girardeau. It was 12:40 p.m. His wife was on the bow taking pictures of us as we were taking pictures of them. We met the Hills at the Gibson Plant last year in October. At that time we were all selecting carpet colors, drapes, counter tops, etc. They took delivery of their new boat this spring in St. Charles about a month before we got ours. George writes a delightful blog that we follow. We waved goodbye and continued down river to 7 miles from Cairo. Hoppies had told us there is a good place to anchor just above Hi Way 57 bridge. About 75 feet from the bank the water depth was still 6’. We selected a spot and sure were happy the plow anchor dug in and held us securely. The current was about 1.5 MPH as the boat was somewhat protected by a rock diversion dam protruding across in front of us about 100 yards. It had been a long day as we had covered 110 miles. Ran 15 MPH @ 2900 RPM. Arrived at 4:00 pm and took about an hour to get settled. The sweet potatoes cooked on the grill tasted good with the pork chops that Maryann and Dorothy had prepared in the galley

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