Saturday, July 9, 2016


Day behind on blog. Yesterday we made the last 15.3 miles up river to Nashville. Mike and Carol Kluver had driven from Virginia to spend time on the boat. They reached the Riverfront Landing before we did and were on site to help us get tied to dock. Sure is good to see them.
Busy today July 9th. Enjoy visiting and walking in downtown Nashville. Access to city by Shelby Street Walking Bridge. Beautiful day, water in river is going down. Level has fallen about 4 feet since we arrived.
 Arriving Nashville, most obvious building is one that looks like Batman (AT&T).
 Water is high as we tied to floating dock just up from the submerged walkway.
 Near bridge is the Shelby Walking Bridge that crosses the Cumberland  River.
 Korean Veterans Blvd. For vehicles.
 Another view of Walking bridge.
Nashville at night.

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