Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mike Home

July 13, 2016  Days go by rather quickly! Thought I best give an update. Mike and Carol Kluver drove all night and arrived home in Mechanicsville, Virginia at 5:30 a.m. We sure enjoyed their company and look forward to the future when they may join us again.
 Mike is studying how the lock works. Keith tending the line.
 On return trip through Old Hickory Lock, Mike tended the line.
 Gate coming open so we can leave Old Hickory after a 60 foot down.
 Airplane stuck into the cliff always attract attention.
 Two Carols!
 Returning to Nashville in the distance.
 Carol and Keith as she and Mike are getting ready to depart.
 Carol, Mike, Carol, Allen
Mike thinks they packed far more than was necessary!

July 14th the 4 mcgees spent time wondering the streets of Nashville. Mostly on Broadway  often called Honky Tonk Row. Sounds of country music can be heard coming from the many joints on either side of the street. I am sure each of the musicians is hoping for their big break. Eating is always a priority. Having eaten hamburgers at several places we decided the best were found at Paradise Park. Fries left something to be desired though. Capped off the evening with an open air ride in a hearse on Nashville Ghost Tour.
 Taken in the Visitors Center.
 Art work represents much of the industrial growth of Tennessee. Rail, bridges and boating.
 Good burgers!

 Ghost Tour. Most ghostly thing we saw is this picture! Lol
 Nashville on stormy day.
Ascend Amphitheater-two different concerts were held here last week that we could hear from the Dream  Manor across the river. Does that suggest loud?1?1

July 15-left Nashville (mile 190.5) behind as we traveled down river with a good current. Went thru Cheatham lock at 148.7 with no waiting. Gate was opened as we arrived, and it did not take long to get lowered 26 feet. Another boat joined us in the lock. We had been traveling about the same speed for about 20 miles. Continued to Clarksville at mile 127.4 dodging around lots of debris. Glad to be tied up in the marina after traveling 63.1 miles in 7 hours.
 Headed down to Clarksville the hill tops were partially hidden by fog.
 If Bobbie is going to help Keith drive the boat she should be looking forward!
 Maneuvered around debris in the Cumberland River.
 Steep cliffs can be seen all along the river.
Boat ahead we caught, passed and went through Cheatham lock together.

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