Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Clarksville Marina

July 5th was a busy day capped off with no internet! Can you imagine a whole day without Facebook or doing the blog?
Anyway, left Kenlake Marina and continued our journey down the Tennessee River on Kentucky Lake 16.7 miles to the Barkley Canal at mile 25.4. Kentucky Lake Lock and Dam could be seen in the distance. Turned starboard, traveled 1.6 miles to Cumberland River at mile 33. The canal is the crossover between Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. This area is well know as Land Between the Lakes. Mile numbers will now be increasing.
Now going up river in the Cumberland. Went to Lake Barkley Marina at mile 59.1 and 2 miles off main channel in Little River. Very disappointed in lack of communication. No radio response. Advance arrangements had been made on the phone. Guy who finally came to assist after we had tied up had no knowledge of reservations. He would not answer as to location of 50 amp service. Total lack of consideration! We removed our lines from the dock and went back to main channel. Called Prizer Point Marina located back downstream 4 miles.  Young lady on phone new nothing about available slips. Said she would have someone call in 30 minutes or so as the manager was in a meeting. Back in the Cumberland River we chose to continue upstream. Good thing because I am still waiting on the return call. Continued to Bumpus Mills Recreation Area, turned port and chose a spot to anchor outside the main channel at 77.4  miles. Anchored in 5 feet of water with a good muddy bottom. Total miles traveled today was 67   

July 6th was a good run! Raised anchor and went up river 50 miles to Clarksville Marina at mile 127.4 in 6 hours. River has become more narrow and there is some debris in the water. Excellent service at Clarksville! What a nice change. Once the Dream Manor was secured we walked up the hill to eat at Liberty Park Grill.

Kentucky Lock and Dam, last lock on Tennessee River
 In Barkley Canal crossing from Tennessee River to Cumberland River. Eureka highway bridge to town of Grand Rivers.
Large flock of birds swimming together. Anhinga are common on these rivers.

 Bobbie says: I would enjoy this boat ride a lot more if you would feed me a treat!
 Arriving Clarksville, TN
 Another view of Clarksville.
House on  point of entrance to Clarksville Marina.

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