Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Paris Landing

Another super day to be on the water. So smooth it makes for some spoiled travelers! Total water miles today was 64.4 nicely done in 7.3 hours. Went down the Cumberland River and turned port to cross through the Barkley Canal to the Tennessee River. Went south up the Tennessee River to Paris Landing State Park Marina at mile 66.1, notice the mile marker numbers will be getting larger going up river.

 Kentucky State Penitentiary is known as "castle on the Cumberland". A maximum security prison completed in 1886 is Kentucky's oldest prison facility. Located about 3 miles from Eddyville, Kentucky.
At Paris Landing it became obvious where the poop on the dock had come from. The Large Blue Heron was standing proudly on top of somebody's boat. Can't imagine how pleased the owners will be to find their nice canopy covered with an undesirable deposit!

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