Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Boat Trip - Old Hickory Lake

July 10th was another busy day on the streets of Nashville. Made a round on the trolley tour for the second day. Stopped at the Farmers Market to check out the produce and flea sale items. The wall of
Nashville history is just across the street from the Market. Ate lunch at the famous Burger Republic. Enjoyed a fine hamburger. Visited the Parthenon which is a full scale replica of the original Parthenon in Greece. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.
Main focus is the statue of the Athena Parthenos which stands tall at 42 feet.

July 11th. It was time to give Mike and Carol Kluver some experience traveling on the Dream Manor. Waited until mid morning to make sure weather would be okay as early clouds were rather dark. Went up Cumberland River to Old Hickory Lock and Dam. Got right in and enjoyed a 60 foot lift. Located at mile 216.2 this dam was built in 1952-1957. Named after President Andrew Jackson (nick named "Old Hickory". First lock Mike and Carol have ever been in, was a unique experience. Above the dam the reservoir is called Old Hickory Lake. Continued to Drakes Creek Marina at 222. Had called yesterday and made reservations. Upon arrival they seemed ignorant of previous arrangements and could not understand we needed to know were to tie up for overnight stay. After much confusion and lack of consideration we left and went back down river to Blue Turtle Bay at mile 220. Lady there did try to get us in but slips that were supposed to be vacant had small boats in them she was not aware of and said she would call owners. We chose not to continue waiting and went across the lake to a quiet cove and anchored for the night. Perhaps it ended up as a blessing since Mike and Carol had not experienced anchoring like this. Turned out to be a nice location in 8 feet of water.

July 12th. After a pleasant stay, raised anchor and traveled 2 miles down to Old Hickory Lock just in time to wait 2 hours for a split tow that had just arrived to be locked up. Went to port toward a boat launch and dropped anchor in a large open area of the lake in 20 feet of water. Another experience for our passengers. Once the tow was clear of the lock we raised anchor and prepared to enter lock having to wait another 20 minutes while they lowered a new bollard into place with a crane. The down lift of 60 feet was very pleasant and Mike is still fascinated by the principles of lockage. Returned to Nashville at mile 190.5 with total travel time 3.8 hours to make the 29.5 miles.
Had lots of head wind but a strong current about 4 mph made a rather quick trip. Average speed down was 11 mph opposed to the 7 mph we experienced yesterday going up river. A great 2 day trip.
Mike and Carol departed for home at 6 p.m. Reluctant to leave but happy they had spent time with us.
 Mike looks very laid back.
 Tow loaded with sand passing, near Shelby Walking Bridge.
 Cumberland River looks smooth but current is about 4 mph.
 Approaching Old Hickory Lock and Dam.
 Closing gates in preparation for 60 foot lift.
 Waiting for gate to open on Old Hickory Lake.
 Leaving lock. Keith is handling lines.
 Returning to Nashville we met the General Jackson.
 Showing paddle wheel on General Jackson.
Mike and Carol Kluver preparing to return home to Virginia, about a 620 mile drive.

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