Monday, July 4, 2016

Ken Lake Marina

Traveled 53.9 miles to Kenlake Marina at marker 42.1 in 6.6 hours. What a day! The wind blew hard all during the trip. Dream Manor was rock'n and roll'n as there were lots of waves on the Tennessee River. Got extra rough around mile 67 where Big Sandy River flows into the Tennessee. Sure was a pleasant relief to find wind had died down at the marina located at the base of a big hill and behind large protective rock walls! Met a nice couple and the 6 of us got a ride with a park employee to the local restaurant. Had a good visit and fine dinner.
 Many Osprey nests on day markers along the Tennessee River. Looks like a good hatch.
 Rough water for the small houseboat.
A coal barge! Sure hope Hillary doesn't hear about it.
So rough Maryann was having a difficult time trying to show conditions!

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