Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Prizer Point

July 25, 2016

What a day. Departed Clarksville, Tennessee and traveled north down the Cumberland River 8.2 hours covering 72.4 miles. A beautiful day on smooth water. Arrived at Prizer Point Marina at mile 55 which is near the town of Cadiz, Texas. Took on 100 gals of overly priced diesel fuel. Pump was so slow it took a lot of patience to get that 4 dollars per gallon fuel.

 Looking ahead at ferry and power plant.
 Cumberland City ferry.
 Look at that terrible water vapor "steam" coming from the power plant stacks.
Dover Hotel as soon from the river. This became known as the Surrender House. It was the location where 13,000 Confederate troops were unconditionally surrendered to General Grant. We toured Fort Donalson on July 19th.
Look closely at the crest of the hill where the lighter green grass reaches the dark tree line. There are several Confederate canons facing the Cumberland River where they tried to protect Fort Donalson from Union troops
One small island was very interesting. The trees were loaded with dark birds called Anhinga! 

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