Monday, July 6, 2009


July 6, 2009---After the very active Holiday we rested on the 5th.
Today we drove to Knoxville to get acquainted with the downtown area. First stop was the visiters center. One of a kind! During midday WDVX-FM radio puts on a live show called "Blue Plate Special". Enjoy the two video clips at the bottom.
Market Square District is a hub of activity with lots of resturants and quite a variety of stores.
Since we are known as the 4 mcgees it seemed only fitting to eat lunch at Cafe 4.
This part of town started in the early 1800's and was refurbished in 1961. There is on-going construction in what is referred to as "Old Town". Original brick buildings are being restored and made into lofts. Signs suggested rent about $1500 per month.

Rode one of the trolley's that went by the University of Tennessee campus and got off to capture a few pictures. Many of the buildings are located on top of hills. Signs indicate one particular building is called "The Hill". It was so steep and heavily wooded it was not possible to get a picture of that building. Flowers in front of the University Center building provided a colorful background as Maryann and Carol posed .
Looking down the street, and then up the slope where Maryann stands, shows how steep the hill really is.

Carol is keeping a close watch for the next trolley.

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Thank you sooo much for keeping us updated. This is so great. Good for you all for LIVING LIFE.
Enjoy yourselves! :-)
Love and Prayers