Tuesday, July 28, 2009


July 27, 2009---After spending a quiet Sunday in the secluded cove, traveling urges became strong. We pulled anchor Monday and retraced the route down the Little Emory River into the Emory and down the Clinch to the Tennessee River. Just past Kingston, before entering the Tennessee River, Fort Southwest Point could be seen on the hill at port. This fort was an army garrison from 1792 to 1807.

Above Kinston several pictures were taken of the ongoing activity behind the Kingston Steam Plant. Later in the day we learned the story. This coal burning plant creates a lot of fly ash. The busy area is where the fly ash is deposited. Last winter a large containment levee broke which created a 19’ wall of rushing water. Many homes were destroyed and some actually floated down the river. Fortunately no lives were lost. TVA had to purchase all the homes in the affected area. Booms are concentrated to catch floating fly ash and many bucket hoes are digging for heavy metals that may have gone to bottom. We passed two boats that appeared to be gathering water samples.

Because of the sensitive situation, the police boat was busy making sure no wake rules are followed.

A Boy Scout camp with several green tents was spotted on a point overlooking the river.
On the Tennessee River we chose the Blue Springs Marina at mile 547.7 for an overnight stay. The courtesy car was available so we drove about 7 miles to have a late lunch at Mr. Twister’s restaurant in a little town called "Ten Mile", Tennessee.

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