Thursday, July 23, 2009


July 22, 2009---Since we had explored the area rather thoroughly it was time to go back downstream to Fort Loudoun Marina. It is like going home. As usual the trip was pleasant. There was a little concern as the weather map on our chart plotter showed some precipitation moving toward us. Lucked out and got tied up before the wind hit. Had a strong wind but very little rain. The front passed rather quickly.

The video below shows a graceful launch. The water was shallow and I wanted to make sure the dinghy was far enough from the bank to not bottom out before my full weight was upon it. That's my story! Brother was amazed I did not fall in the water, but graceful was not all his terminology.


Anonymous said...

I howled and watched it twice. It was like being there. Great to share. Keep em comin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the launch! Loved it! lol Nice swan dive into the dingy! haha