Wednesday, July 8, 2009


July 8, 2009---James White, with two of his sons and other help, contructed this 2-story log home in 1785. The cabin was considered very elegant by frontier standards. It became a major stopping point for other folks coming to the area. With his 7 children and often 35 or more other people staying, it was often very crowded. So James built several other cabins to house guests. The area was fenced like a fort, but never became a military base of operations. The fence was to keep the horses, cows, sheep and pigs contained during the night to protect them from wild animals (panthers, bears & wild cats). In 1791 William Blount was Governor of the Territory South of the River Ohio. He asked Mr. White to donate some land to establish a new capital for the territory. This was the beginning of Knoxville---named after Henery Knox Secretary of War under President Washington.

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