Friday, March 27, 2009


March 23 – March 27 The Happy Wanderers

On their last Monday in CA, Keith & Maryann met some dear friends at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA, for lunch. Here are a few shots taken that day, which was cold and windy. The Inn is very old, has a museum and can be toured (hopefully NEXT time). Early the next day they drove to Whiskey Pete’s in NV to take delivery of their newly purchased Class B Motor Home! Keith drove it, and Maryann drove their minivan to Mollie Kluver’s home in Henderson. The van was left in Mollie’s garage, and Keith & Maryann moved into their new Roadtrek 190. What a gorgeous vehicle! Two delightful days were spent with Mollie and her cat, Newman, in her beautiful home in the desert. Mollie served as tour guide on a trip to Hoover Dam, which Keith and Maryann had not seen for many years. Not only was the dam impressive, but so is the huge road that is being built through the area that will cross the river. Mollie said she visits the dam weekly just to view the progress! The “nomads” left Mollie’s on Thursday to start their trip north. The drive through the desert was VERY windy, and they were glad they didn’t have too far to drive to Mesquite, NV. They were thankful to arrive safely in the Wal-Mart parking lot, where they joined other RV-ers and big rigs for the night. Despite the cold temps and strong wind, they were very cozy in their new “home away from home.” And being located next to a 24 hour Supercenter is VERY handy. On Friday, they drove around Mesquite to view the sights. The contrast between irrigated and non-irrigated land is quite striking! Due to winter weather conditions being poor north of here, they plan to stay in this area through the weekend

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