Monday, March 23, 2009


3/23/09---Shore power was shut off to repair the damaged cable. During that time I ran our generator for about 3 hours. The local electician and helpers removed some of the walkway boards to expose the damaged cable. The culpret 2"x6" board was removed. It had apparently gotten stuck in the mud, and as the water level dropped it caused the board to push up into the cable. Repairs were completed and the walkway restored.

While the generator was up to operating temperature it was a good time to change the oil. I changed the oil & filter with 250 hours on the engine. Lots more maintenance to accomplish, but at least I have started to make some progress! Brother will be proud of me!

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Anonymous said...

Keith, you have left a long trail of friends behind, in California. You have no idea. You are sorely missed, my friend. One of a kind. Good luck with your adventures and remember: You're never too good to visit your old friend Joe, at San Vicente Drillsite. Howzabout I buy YOU lunch, for once?