Sunday, March 29, 2009


3/29/09---Happy Birthday to the blog writer (Allen)! I am not going to tell you my age. However it has been 14 years since Carol & I moved from Gillette, WY to Youngsville, LA. As best I can remember I was 52 at that time.

The water continued to rise overnight, even though no additional rain fell. The infamous view of the restaurant shows the water getting closer to the deck. Looking from the landing of the restaurant, the Dream Manor appears to be on nearly the same level. Is someone missing a tire and rim?

We left the boat and drove home to spend the evening with the family. Son-in-law (Tom) treated us to a fine meal. The carrot cake our daughter (Crystal) prepared was very good. The number of candles were minimized to reduce the fire danger. Our younger son (Clint) looks on with some curiosity.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Allen! 33 years old (twice over)

Your loyal blog reader,

Ron G.

Anonymous said...

I will be making this trip in a week, was wondering how you did on fuel, between Hoppies and Green Turtle Bay, I have the same motors you do......Rich.....(Alton Marina on the boat "Oar Knot")

Anonymous said...

My E-mail address is on the OAR KNOT