Monday, March 16, 2009


March 11 – 15, 2009
Keith and Maryann left Youngsville, LA, on March 11th for a driving trip to California. Maryann will attend her Juice Plus+ Leadership Conference in Long Beach March 19 – 21. The first 3 days were cold and rainy, so no pictures were taken. The sun started to appear in New Mexico and Arizona, so picture-taking commenced. Here are photos taken in those two states plus some in southern CA. K & M were amazed that so many RVs were clustered together in communities out in the barren-looking desert. Certainly not THEIR idea of retirement, since there wasn’t enough water for a boat! Maryann was thrilled to be back in the land of palm trees. The wind-farms were especially impressive! There was a backup on the freeway, so Maryann directed Keith to take a “short-cut” on Hwy 74 to Palm Desert. The gently curving line in the road atlas in no way resembled the switchbacks that were encountered, as you can see on the GPS screen! What a wild ride! The La Quinta was a welcome sight for a good night’s rest.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry M & K, I prayed for hot sunny days for you, but alas, the weatherman and God are not coordinating their efforts !! It was quite toasty for our Arizona trip and now it is cool and rainy in Bako. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and I'll try to do better with the weather for you. Love, Miss Vicki